"The single most important thing you should do when selling a house is to get it professionally photographed."

...we were thrilled with the photos of our property, we found Alex to be extremely professional knowledgeable and easy to deal with.

The photos helped to attract several potential buyers in the first week of being advertised and we received an offer a week after listing online...
Mark & Amy Dempsey

Professional photographs attract more attention, generating on average 5 times more click-throughs and subsequent viewings.

As we know, the web is THE go to place for all initial viewings and first impressions count.  The properties that ‘jump out’ are invariably the properties that get earmarked to view.  More views equate to more offers, and a quicker turnaround, it’s as simple as that.

The Premium Photo Pack is the smartest approach to creating a premium listing. Click HERE for more information.