Alex Glover

Alex Glover - The Guy Behind The Lens

The guy that lives, breathes and loves property photography. Alex formally studied photography before setting up Property Photographs in 2007 and he has spent the last decade using his eye for fine detail to ensure that his clients always receive the best possible outcome when they engage him to undertake their projects.

Alex says "I have been lucky enough to develop strong relationships with many professionals across a wide range of sectors from leisure and hospitality to construction, development, and design. Working or otherwise, I'm usually found photographing buildings and architecture.  I'm constantly in pursuit of producing exceptional and original photography.  Oh, and I’m a self-confessed 'geek' in relation to technology or advancements in my field."

On the rare occasions Alex isn't photographing buildings and architecture or processing images, he can be found roaming the wilds of Saddleworth on his bike or trying (but failing) to play the guitar. 

To view a selection of photographs Alex has shot in his spare time, have a look at the 'Play' section of this site.

If you fancy a chat about your project or just want a bit of advice, call Alex direct on 07890 617 229.


Lucie Sharp

Lucie Sharp

Lucie Sharp - The Girl Behind The Lens

Lucie joined the business in 2015 as a talented designer and photographer, and under Alex's guidance has developed all the specialist techniques involved in photographing property as well as bringing her own creative flair to the mix.

Lucie says 'I've been very lucky to find a career doing what I love. It's great to be able to channel my creativity into my work and working alongside Alex has allowed me to understand the intricacies of the technical aspects of property photography. I have a degree in media so it's lovely to be able to combine what I learned there with what I do now. Every shoot we do is different, so it's been very easy to develop my ever increasing love of architectural photography."

In her spare time, Lucie likes to relax through her love of arts and crafts, playing the clarinet, and seeing live music. She also loves nature photography, so she can often be found chasing butterflies around whilst wielding her camera.

If you'd like to speak to Lucie about your project you can contact her directly on 07977 257 560.