Alex Glover

Alex Glover - The Guy Behind The lens

The guy that lives, breathes and loves property photography, Alex studied photography before setting up Azander Ltd almost 10 years ago.

He has spent the last decade using his attention for fine detail to ensure that all of his clients always receive the best possible outcome when they enlist him to undertake their projects.


Alex says, "I have been lucky enough to develop strong relationships with an array of professionals within a number of sectors from leisure and hospitality, to construction, development and design."

"Working or otherwise, I‘m usually found photographing buildings and architecture.  I'm constantly in persuit of producing exceptional and original photography.  Oh, and I am a self confessed ‘geek’ in relation to technology or advancements in my field.


On the rare occasions Alex isn't photographing or processing buildings and architecture he can be found DJing a nightclub in Lancaster on Saturday nights, roaming the wilds of Saddleworth on his bike or trying (but failing) to play the guitar. 

For some photographs Alex has shot in his spare time, have a look at the 'Play' section of this site.

If you fancy a chat about your project or just want a bit of advice, call Alex direct on 07890 617 229.